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31 Q. BigTipper doesn't seem to be calculating tax correctly. What gives? BigTipper
Posted 07/29/2008
32 Q. Can I set BigTipper’s SPLIT higher than 8? And TIP percent higher than 30? BigTipper
Posted 07/31/2008
33 Q. BigTipper and currency symbols BigTipper
Posted 07/31/2008
34 Q. Do your applications run on older iPods, my computer, or other platforms? General
Posted 07/08/2008
35 Q. How do I install the application I just purchased? General
Posted 07/10/2008
36 Q. Does BigTipper come with instructions? BigTipper
Posted 07/08/2008
37 Q. How do I report a bug or request a feature? General
Posted 07/08/2008
38 Q. Can BigTipper be translated to my language? BigTipper
Posted 07/08/2008
39 Q. Where can I get PureBlend's iPhone applications? Sales
Posted 07/07/2008
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