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11 Q. MovieSlate crashes when I enter music video mode, why? MovieSlate
Posted 11/29/2010
12 Q. Maildash 2.4 is Here Maildash
Posted 07/08/2009
13 Q. The glare on the screen of the iPad is terrible, what can I do to reduce it? MovieSlate
Posted 10/21/2010
14 Q. Can Maildash send an SMS to someone NOT in my address book? Maildash
Posted 10/13/2010
15 Q. My cameras are old DV units or are consumer models with no LTC support. Can MovieSlate's optional PRO Sync module still help me sync a multi-cam shoot? MovieSlate
Posted 10/13/2010
16 Q. Do you have a list of cameras compatible with MovieSlate's LTC "PRO Sync" module? MovieSlate
Posted 10/13/2010
17 Q. MovieSlate says my devices are synced but the data is not transferred over, why not? MovieSlate
Posted 09/27/2010
18 Q. Do you have a user guide for MovieSlate? Can I read it online? MovieSlate
Posted 09/27/2010
19 Q. BigTipper 2.9 is here BigTipper
Posted 07/08/2009
20 Q. Why does your app crash on iOS4 ? General
Posted 06/22/2010
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